Month: December 2010


Orange and Cardamom Scented Seeroh

I’m snowed in. There’s a party to get to and I’m snowed in. Thankfully the International Incident Colours Party hosted by Penny a.k.a Jeroxie is a kind of party immune to catastrophic weather. The final month of 2010 should be filled with bright colours and big smiles – my recipe for Orange and Cardamom Scented Seeroh (pronounced how it’s spelt) guarantees to make that happen. It’s not too sweet, not too rich and is incredibly addictive. That’s not to say you can chuck a whole load of them in your mouth one after another. Just in case you do decide you want to finish off the whole lot in one go, I thoughtfully substituted a significant amount of sugar in this recipe with friendly agave nectar. You can thank me later. Seeroh is essentially sweetened semolina (don’t gag, it’s nothing like ‘school dinner’ semolina). It can be flavoured anything you like – I try to stick to a couple of complimentary flavours that won’t clash or overpower one another like orange and cardamom. You could …


Two Potato, Chilli and Cumin Gratin

I don’t know about you but cold weather always makes me lazy. I crave simple, hearty dishes which leave me feeling satisfied and ready to cosy up on a welcoming sofa with a good cookbook. This Two Potato, Chilli and Cumin Gratin is just the trick for such occasions. A combination of sliced potatoes and sweet potatoes, baked in an aromatic infusion of cream and earthy spices is about as comforting as you can get – all you need is a spoon and an appetite to fill.     You can serve this as a vegetarian main course for Christmas, a side for your Christmas dinner, or a substantial starter. This is just the kind of dish I want to make ahead of time, wrap up in foil and effortlessly pop into the oven after a long days work. Serve this gratin with a leafy green salad and it’s the most perfect, inexpensive winter meal. I adore the crisp, golden edges which catch in the heat of the oven and add an abundance of flavour …


OMG. KO Rasoi was published

Sorry about the OMG. As a ‘proper’ food blogger (giggles), I wouldn’t usually promote the use of such abbreviations, but there are times when the OMG and only the OMG will suffice. Except when it’s obligatory to apply the ZOMG, of course.       For someone with such a passion for cooking and writing, being recognised for it and getting published is a big deal. One of the best feelings I’ve ever had was finding out a KO Rasoi recipe was going to be published in a cookbook.     The Best of Food Blogs Cookbook was published in October 2010 by the online cooking encyclopaedia, Foodista. The dream began in 2009 when the brains behind called out to all food bloggers to submit their best recipes for a competition. The entries were divided into courses such as: appetisers, main courses, desserts and cocktails. Not being one to slam the door shut on a hot opportunity, I submitted my favourite recipe featured on KO Rasoi to date – Melt in the Mouth Paneer Kofta.   Entries were …