I’ve decided that this weekend is going to be a BBQ fest. Some of you may have read about my exploration of alternative vegetarian BBQ recipes last Summer, during which we dined on Coriander and Lime Paneer Kebabs, Matoki or Green Banana Burgers, Tarragon-Laced Khoya Kofta and Vegetable Medley and Chilled Sunshine Berry Soup.

As many of you Facebook and Twitter friends may already know, I’ve been doing some work with Food Network UK and hope to continue working with them to create new recipe content. Fear not, my beloved blog will still be running at the same time.

I wanted to let you all know I know have a chef page, biography and recipe collection up on the site, on which you can find out more about the girl behind the blog (that’s if you’re not already sick of me talking about myself from the past few posts – I apologise!) Things will be back to normal soon.

You can find my chef page by clicking the my image in the right-hand sidebar (do you know how many shots it took to get me looking somewhat presentable?! You have full permission to point and laugh) or by following this link.

Huge thanks for your patience and support in all of this – you guys are my #1!