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Chilli and Sesame Vermicelli

Love noodles? So do I. This quick and easy recipe for spicy vegetable noodles is something I recently made for breakfast. You know I love a hearty breakfast. I needed something warming and flavourful and the chilli heat from these stir-fried noodles really hit the spot.
Vermicelli is a thin pasta I usually use to make Indian sweet dishes like Doodh Vari Sev (vermicelli in sweetened milk). A heap of crackling mustard seeds and aromatic sesame seeds spike the dish with light spice and a pinch of turmeric gives the finished dish a beautiful golden yellow colour. 
Feel free to add any vegetables you like to this, as I just used what I had in the fridge. A handful of finely shredded strips of carrot make for a fresh and crunchy topping which is a lovely contrast from the soft noodles. 
I also added some frozen peas for a little burst of sweetness, but you could also use sweetcorn. And obviously, there’s always room for paneer. Not that I added any – did you know I was on a diet? 
I can’t believe it either.
Would you hate me if I played around with healthy recipes? I promise they’ll be delicious.
Get my recipe for Sesame and Chilli Vermicelli and find more vegetarian fusion food inspiration in my recipe gallery.




  1. Paaka Shaale says

    This is a very different vermicelli recipe. Loved this so bookmarking this ASAP 🙂

  2. Tina says

    beautiful clicks and presentation dear…vermicelli sounds mouthwatering…

  3. Sanjana says

    Thanks everyone!

    Haha, P… It's teeny tiny! I have it in another colour too. Developing bad habits collecting too much kitchenware!

  4. vegeyum says

    I had only ever used vermicelli for kheer dishes. I had been saving this recipe, wanting to make it. Tonight we had it with dinner, and I ate 2 helpings of it. SOOO good. I had some mung that I has sprouted so added those to the vegetables. The sesame with it is a great addition

  5. The Mistress of Spices says

    This looks great! And I love the way you cut that chile that's on top.

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