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Eggless Chocolate and Rose Cupcakes

I’ll always hold eggless baking close to my heart. The level of science involved in baking, eggless baking in particular, is beyond me. 
These eggless Chocolate and Rose Cupcakes were made especially for Food Network UK’s month of cupcakes – the most delicious tribute imaginable.
They’re light, airy and not to sweet. I added a little bit of plain yogurt to keep them moist inside because dry chocolate cupcakes are a big no no in my book. This eggless cupcake recipe has never failed me and the addition of rose syrup gives it that exotic twist I crave so often. You however, can use any flavours to like.
My frosting is chocolate cream cheese and rose cream cheese, swirled together using a piping bag filled with both flavours. It’s super simple and give you a perfectly pretty finish.


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  1. Lovely cake, one quick question, by rose syrup do you mean the kind we get in Asian shops that is used for milkshakes / falooda or the plain essence ? would love to make them you see so just wondered. The new look is great 🙂

  2. Anonymous says

    Beautiful!!! Just love,love,love and love!

    Sooo, sooo talented, keep up the good work lil'one.

  3. I just made some mango vegan cupcakes (cupcake recipe by holycowvegan) with Srikhand icing and i was amazed by the moistness of the mango cake without egg! lovely photo

  4. Hi Sanjana,
    Can you (edit) separate the ingredients for chocolate icing from the cupcake in the recipe on foodnetwork?
    I want to make it with the chocolate one, don’t have rose syrup.
    But I’m confused which of those in the list go in the chocolate frosting & which for the cupcake :-/
    Thanks much,

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