Month: November 2018

Restaurant-Style Chilli Paneer

Restaurant-Style Chilli Paneer

I was introduced to Indo-Chinese food in the late 90s when “fusion cooking” wasn’t a dirty phrase and British curry houses were no longer the only “Indian” option when eating out in the UK. Korma? What was that? Balti, Bhuna and Phall? I’d never heard of them. Growing up in a Gujarati household meant that I was accustomed to Bhaji nu Shaak (spinach cooked with garlic), Oroh (burnt aubergine curry), Guvar (cluster beans) and Bhinda ni Kadhi (okra in buttermilk soup). I’d nod and smile as my friends raved about the dishes they relished during their weekend visit to the local Indian restaurant and I had no idea what half of the dishes were. I felt like a fraud. Bombay Potatoes? Was that like the Bateta nu Shaak my mum made at home? We rarely ate out at Indian restaurants in those days. The vegetarian options were limited to side dishes of random “mixed vegetables” swimming in generic curry sauces and quite frankly, homemade was better. As the millennium approached, more and more options bubbled …

17 Christmas Gifts for the Indian Food Lover in Your Life

The sheer joy of unwrapping a Christmas present from someone who knows you to your very core is for me, one of the most exciting feelings ever. Give the Indian food lover in your life a gift they’ll treasure this year with a little help from this guide to the ultimate vegetarian and vegan presents for spice lovers. I’ve handpicked some of my favourite ingredients, kitchen equipment, Indian treats and more to inspire you this festive season. Gift them to family, friends or to yourself and spread the love like melting butter on garam roti. 1. Vegan Orange Lassi Blonde Chocolate – Coco Caravan, £2.99 Nibble your way through a bar of orange chocolate inspired by India’s favourite cold drink, Lassi. With notes of cardamom and coconut, this zesty slab of blonde chocolate is raw, vegan and free from refined sugar. I’ll take three, please. Find out more 2. Christmas Stocking Spice Sprinkles – Cheeky Food Company, £12.00   Forget rainbow sprinkles, these aromatic superfood spice sprinkles are a must-have stocking filler for all Indian …

Village-Style Gujarati Khichdi

Village-Style Gujarati Khichdi (Buttery Rice & Lentils)

The clattering of pots, pans and spoons in my kitchen is a sound that fills me with comfort and joy. It’s the first dish I crave after a long trip away and the hug in a bowl I need when autumn sets in. At the first whiff of mellow rice and lentils emanating from my cooker, there’s only one thing that matters; I’m home. I’m making Khichdi, Gujarati style, like how they eat it on the farm in my ancestral home of Porbandar. It’s served with Gujarati Lasan ni Chutney, a blow-your-socks-off garlic and chilli preserve, and a cold glass of Chaas (salted buttermilk with roasted cumin). This is the comfort food every Gujarati has precious memories of growing up. The porridge-like consistency of a ghee-beaten rice and lentil mishmash was usually the first solid food we ever ate as toothless babies and our fondness for it stayed with us right through to adulthood. It became a familiar and nostalgic comfort blanket for the belly. Loaded with hearty goodness and family tradition, Khichdi was and …