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Wild Clove Giveaway KO Rasoi (4)

Win a Bunch of Indian-Inspired Greetings Cards

  From the moment I set eyes on these Indian-inspired cards by Wild Clove, I was in love. Going together like aloo and gobi, and being the chilli to someone’s paneer is something most Indian food fans can relate to. As for sharing one’s last gulab jamun, I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t. Luckily, you can win a whole bunch of these cute cards from Wild Clove right here. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post and answer the following question: What’s your favourite card from the Wild Clove collection? Then follow @KORasoi and @WildClove on Twitter (don’t forget to tell us you’ve entered!) The terms: Wild Clove will give away 6 cards of the winner’s choice. You’re able to pick 2 from the food range, 2 from the wedding range and 2 from the birthday range. The giveaway is open to international entries. Multiple entries permitted. The deadline to enter is Friday 1st February 2013, 9pm GMT. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on this post on Friday evening. …

Get Your Recipe Published

Get Your Recipe Published!

As I gear up to post a brand new recipe this weekend, I’d just like to share an amazing opportunity with you. You can get your very own recipe published in a book! If you have a baking recipe you’d like to see alongside the likes of Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith, you need to submit it today. It’s also worth noting that the book is in aid of The Ben Kinsella Trust, a charity working to raise awareness of knife crime and fighting to eradicate it and its devastating consequences. My lovely readers, this is truly your chance to shine and also show your support for a great cause. A couple of years ago I had my recipe for Melt in the Mouth Paneer Kofta published in the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook; it was an incredible feeling and also great motivation for my career in food writing. Seeing your little work of art in print alongside great food writers is such a privilege and also pretty damn exciting. Plus, you …


Dark Chocolate Pandan Lamingtons with Pistachio and Salted Caramel Glass

I’m sorry for the long and pretentious title this week – well sort of. Usually, I like to keep recipe titles as short as possible for the sake of clarity and focus (and because I’m easily confused). Although, I think a pompous sounding title is quite fitting when describing a pompous looking lamington. Let me introduce you to my second entry to Mr P’s Re-Inventing the Lamington competition 2011. Vegan chocolate sponge filled with pandan cream cheese and coated in a layer of dark chocolate. As if this eggless lamington wasn’t trying hard enough to please already, it’s then crowned with a shard of pistachio and salted caramel glass. NOTE: I’ve had a few comments about this being a ‘vegan’ lamington. Let me clarify: this is NOT a vegan lamington because it’s filled with cream cheese and covered in a brick-ish layer of dark chocolate. However, I’ve highlighted that the chocolate sponge used for this lamington IS vegan. I repeat: these are eggless lamingtons using a vegan sponge for any vegan readers who want to make …


Eggless Turkish Delight Lamingtons

This time last year I won the Re-Inventing the Lamington competition hosted by Mr P of the thoroughly delicious Delicious Delicious Delicious. Not bragging or anything. My Shrikhand Spice Lamingtons consisted of a traditional Shrikhand sandwiched between eggless honey-flavoured sponge, coated in milk chocolate and pistachio splinters. There were some amazing entries and it was fantastic to see such a great deal of thought go in to the competition. I was lucky enough to walk away with an utterly cute Welsh dragon cookie cutter which I ended up making Holi cookies with. In a desperate attempt to uphold my prized title, I present to you, my first entry into Mr P’s Re-Inventing the Lamington competition 2011 – Eggless Turkish Delight Lamingtons. For those of you who don’t know, a lamington is essentially an Australian filled and covered cake. Simple as that. I love cooking with flowers, as long as the final product isn’t too strong and perfumed. Sounds like a contradiction in itself, but rose jelly and rose cream with lemon scented sponge and white …


Wear Your Food: The Winners!

I have decided that the intial plan of selecting a winner from the three recipes that came top in the poll should be flushed down the loo. The entries were too good. The top THREE (not two) contestants will ALL recieve prizes for the fantastic recipes they sent in. Of course the winner, Mr P of Delicious Delicious Delicious will be receiving the gorgeous candy shop charm bracelet and the TWO runners up; that is Sharmilee of Sharmi’s Passions and Mathea of Peas Love Carrots will be sent their mystery prizes. You think I’m going to ruin the element of surprise by telling you what the mystery prizes are? No chance.  P.S. Muchos love to everyone who entered. You are superstars!

We Wanna Wear Our Food!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their entries for the Wear Your Food competition. The standard of entries was sky-scraping and I had a hard time picking favourites… So I didn’t pick a winner all by myself. This is where I need your help; I need you to vote for your favourite recipe via the poll in the right-hand sidebar. As far as I’m aware, you can vote once a day but please steer clear of voting more than once per day. I want this to be fair for all of the entrants who worked so hard on their entries. So remember to appreciate the labour that went in to these entries, as cheating will NOT be tolerated. I will reserve final judgment on the winner. If I find any cheating has been going on (and I can) then that entrant will be disqualified. I’m saying this because it has happened elsewhere in the past. Not because I want to sound ghastly. The top 3 entries voted for via the poll will face a panel …

Wear Your Food

Today I have just one word for you. Cute. I was out (ahem) shopping the other day and I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Honest. Yeah, I was window shopping. Then I came across this cuterriffic candy shop charm bracelet! I had to have it no matter what. In fact, I had to have two. Just to take them home and look at them. Forever. I may never wear it. You want one? Introducing the Wear Your Food Competition… So I would love to just give one of these babies away, I really would. Although where’s the fun in that? So I ask a few little things from you wonderful, sweety charm bracelet deserving folks. What do you have to do?Pick your favourite candy charm (or charms) on the bracelet pictured above and create a single dish inspired by that charm (or charms). Sweet and simple, no? The winner will receive the candy shop charm bracelet and one runner up will receive a mystery prize. Yep. oUhhHhh. I will post a round up of all the entries …