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Potato and Cashew Nut Curry (Sukha Bateta Nu Shaak)

Let me introduce you to the first part of one of the most amazing brunches known to man (and woman) – Potato and Cashew Nut Curry with Little Deep Fried Breads, also known as Sukha Bateta Nu Shaak and Masala Poori. My heart just did a little somersault. My fondest memories of eating this dish lie with the time I lived with my parents. Waking up on sleepy Sunday mornings (or to be more accurate, Sunday midday in my case) to the smell of aromatic curry leaves, fresh ginger and freshly fried spicy dough permeated my nostrils, coaxing me out of bed and into the kitchen to witness exactly what everyone needs to experience at least once in life – Bateta Nu Shaak and Masala Poori for brunch. The whole shebang was like a starved bear waking up from hibernation to the smell of honey-drenched baklava. Well, something like that anyway. This dry curry epitomises Gujarati cooking with its fluffy potatoes, crunchy cashews and light spicing, complimented by a squeeze of zingy lemon juice. Garnish …

Bhabhi’s Special!

This wonderful recipe was passed on to me by my bhabhi (sis in-law) ‘S’ who describes it as, “really simple but a firm favourite of mine for the winter days”. She wasn’t lying. It really is painfully simple to make and it tastes so delicious. My friend and I shamefully devoured the whole lot in one sitting! I wasn’t sure what to serve it with and have so much reading to do for university at the moment, so I decided to toast some panini rolls and spread them with a little garlic butter. It is an unlikely combination but it worked really well. I think it will also taste superb with puri (deep fried flat bread). The recipe is totally ‘farari’ (ideal for fasting on holy days in the calendar) minus the garlic bread of course! I have a few other innovative ideas regarding this recipe… But I might just make you wait until I have tried and tested them first! ‘S’ Bhabhi’s Dhai Varu Shaak(Serves 4) Ingredients 4 medium potatoes, peeled, boiled and roughly mashed2 chillies, …