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Kenyan Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers and Dad's Masala Chips

Kenyan Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers and My Pa’s Masala Chips

I’m a veggie burger snob. There, I said it. Nothing compares to a veggie burger packed with a delicious combo of spices, herbs and quality extras. I have a few dozen personal burger laws. For me, there must be pickles, if not, the burger is incomplete. The sauce has to be relish, mustard or something else loaded with flavour. Salsa is fine. No mayo, although sour cream with chives is epic. Cheese is mandatory. Extra cheese is better. Lettuce or baby spinach offer a welcome crunch factor and thinly-sliced onions make the whole thing a dream come true. Another thing I’m absolutely nuts about is a crunchy crust on the outside of the burger patty. Breadcrumbs, crushed nachos, herby semolina, I’ll take anything. But I’ve got something better for you today, my loves; something so stupidly delicious you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Three words; cassava crisp crust. Did you just feel my heart skip a beat? Cassava crisps are a staple snack in our house and the fresh kind cannot be beaten. …

Slow-Cooker Channa Masala and Fluffy Bhatura

Slow-Cooker Channa Masala and Fluffy Bhatura

Happy New Year! Firstly, I’d like to say I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL for some time now. I promise I have a good reason. We did it; we finally bought our first house! It has a small kitchen, huge amounts of natural light and wait for it… room for a photography studio! I can’t believe I have a space fully dedicated to my passion. 8 years ago, I started out with this blog, no camera and no clue. Now I have actual shelves just for props. I hope I’m able to produce more delicious recipes to share with you this year, all from my little studio in my little house. Totally overjoyed. So I’ve been spending the last few months working out what we need to furnish it, upcyling old furniture (which I am loving, btw) and spending my life on Pinterest. Although we’ve still got a fair way to go with getting the house finished, I’m in a good spot to get back on track with blogging. I kid you not, I have a …


Black Bean and Chocolate Chilli

Don’t give me that look – I know what you’re thinking. This weekend has been rush, rush, rush. I was panicking all day yesterday wondering what on earth I was going to present to you. I annoyed other people into helping me think of something, which has never really happened before. Shall I let you in on how this whole blogging shebang works for me? I wake up on Monday mornings, droopy-eyed and full of bitterness about how quickly the weekend flew by, why it’s so damn cold and why I’m wearing two coats (yeah I know, what the hell, right?) Around lunchtime I start to wonder what could possibly sweeten up my mood.   Thinking about food usually does it for me. I couldn’t tell you why – although my belly, bingo wings and thunder thighs probably could. Figuring out what to eat by ingredient is much too complex for me, so I usually work out what would hit the spot by cuisine. I do a hi-tech international Matrix-styleè brain scan of what I’d …


Gujarati Mung Bhaat- Mung Bean and Rice Soup

Join me in a moment of nostalgia with my recipe for a classic Gujarati Mung Bean Soup. This is nothing like my playful recipe for Spinach and Mung Bean Soup – it’s an untweaked and deliciously traditional soup loved by the Gujarati peoples. Can you believe I didn’t stray from the recipe?   Did you know? Many Indians consider the mung bean to bring luck and so it is used in rituals and offered to the Gods along with grains of raw rice. Like most Gujarati recipes, every family has its own secret version of this mung bean soup, with probably the only similarity across all variations being that it’s always, always served with rice. The rice is boiled separately from the mung bean soup and usually mixed in just before serving. Check out my tips on how to cook perfect basmati rice. I topped mine with sweet, golden onions and fresh coriander. You can also stir in a spoonful of creamy natural yogurt for a mild tang. If you’re feeling lazy and are craving …


Greek-Style Soya Beans with Dill & Honey

Woah, what a week; I’ve been as busy as a bumblebee at a flower festival. I can’t help but feel that I should be creating more, posting more and spending less time doing other, time-consuming yet necessary things. Has anybody got a pause button I could borrow for a little while? Well, I haven’t been a total blog slacker this week. Honest. A couple of weeks ago one of KO Rasoi’s Facebook fans requested some vegetarian Greek recipes. Can I tell you a scandalous yet unsurprising secret? I know nothing about Greek food. Shock, horror. You can start throwing rotten olives at me now. By nothing I mean everything apart from the obvious yummies the Greeks have introduced to us through their simple, flavourful cooking like moussaka, dolmades and baklava. Due to my culinary roots being embedded in the soil of Gujarat, I can’t help but feel a kinship towards cultures that embrace simple spicing and maximum flavour. The Greek culinary culture is definitely one of these. I’ve seen numerous recipes similar to this one …