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Shahi Paneer Stuffed Okra

Coconut, dried fruits, nuts and rich spices are what make exotic Shahi cuisine fit for royalty – and for you and I.   Dishes created in imperial kitchens during the rise of the Mughal Empire (in the heart of northern India and on the now India-Pakistan border) echoed the deeply aromatic flavours of Persia.   The Mughals, known for their extravagance and majestic style, were no different to their eating habits. Rich sauces made with ground nuts, kebabs, koftas and kormas are some of the most delicious and popular bites to come from this era.   My recipe for Shahi Paneer Stuffed Okra is not a traditional Mughlai dish – it’s entirely my own creation cooked up during a 2am food fantasy. I’ve taken my inspiration from the delicious Shahi cuisine I love to indulge in a little too often.   By now you must know how I love contrasting flavours and textures, and if you do too, you need to try this. Juicy okra stuffed with homemade paneer which has been spiked with golden …


Get your Microwave Mojo On!

I have an ambivalent relationship with burfi. This milk-based Indian sweet pushes my ‘crave’ button at the strangest times… for which I resent it completely. Then when I take a bite of this dense ‘any-flavour-tastes-good’ fudge, I am a chubby six year old again. A bit like the Indian, female version of Augustus Gloop. I love to visit Indian sweet shops, with their vast arrays of burfi in every colour and flavour you can imagine. Well, almost. So you can keep your Chocolate Factory, Mr Wonka. In my twenty-one years I’ve munched my way through a fair load of burfi and not once have I come across pandan burfi. It’s such an obviously delicious combination that I can’t believe nobody has made it yet. Have they? Enlighten me. Indian fudge and the South East Asian equivalent of vanilla combined in a mega fudge? Win. I feel a revolution coming on. So what if I go on to tell you it can all be done in a microwave? Would you laugh in my face and push …