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The Paneer Survey- Results

The results are in and the response was incredible. If you have no idea what I’m talking about the listen up! Last month I compiled a set of questions around the popular Indian cheese, paneer; I asked you how often you ate paneer, made it at home and your favourite dishes. I was interested in finding out your eating habits, how often you like to indulge, and of course, what paneer dishes you can’t resist! *** 1. Almost one third of respondents (29%) eat paneer once a week, with a cool one in ten of you (10%) making it from scratch every time. The second most popular answer was ‘once a month’ (27%) and 5% of you eat paneer more than once a week (which makes you my kind of people!). A small percentage of you (2%) never eat paneer and more than a third (37%) of respondents admitted that they never make fresh paneer at home. I believe that everything delicious is good in moderation- especially when it’s made from scratch, as long as …