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Why It’s Never Okay to Lift Recipes from Food Bloggers (or Anywhere, Really)

TL;DR: Because it’s dishonest, immoral and people work damn hard to do what they do. Be a decent human. It happens all the time and only sometimes are we fortunate enough to spot it. Last year a well-known vegan recipe brand which rose to fame and made fortunes through Facebook “hands and pans” videos lifted plagiarised a recipe from this blog, my blog, the one I’ve written and put my heart into for nine years. I didn’t pick up on it at first. It was sent to me privately by a reader and as soon as I saw the post, I spotted comments from my readers calling the brand out on their blatant dupe of my recipe. These comments received no responses and were later deleted by the brand, including a comment made by myself asking why they did not credit me for my work. My work. My work. Yeah, I work seriously hard to create, test, style, photograph and write recipes for this blog. It consumes full weekends at a time per recipe and …

Palak Paneer Snails

Palak Paneer Snails

Our favourite paneer dish has just undergone an epic makeover. Don’t freak out. The snails in the pastry refer to their shape rather than the contents. These filo coils are packed with the Indian restaurant favourite, Palak Paneer. Fresh, green spinach with creamy paneer, ginger, chillies and garlic is a combo I’d eat every day if I could get away with it. To demonstrate how easy this is, I’ve pulled together a short video where you can see how it’s rolled and coiled for that awesome shape. As much as I love this, it wouldn’t be half as amazing to eat if it wasn’t for the epic Carrot and Cucumber Mustard Salad. It’s loaded with hot and sour flavours which cuts right through the richness of the pie. I glazed these pies with a combination of melted butter and turmeric for as a cheeky replacement for egg wash. Nobody will ever know. This is perfect for serving up when you have friends over for dinner, taking along to picnics and stowing away in the freezer …

And the Winner is…

Thank you for all of your wonderful entries to win the old-fashioned chilli chopper. The standard of creative recipes was outstanding and I really do wish I could pick you all as winners! One recipe that really stood out to myself, my friends and my family (yes indeed, some of my nearest and dearest were picking their favourites!) was Butternut Squash Rasam by Priya from Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes. Congratulations Priya, we all fell in love with your fantastically unique and healthy rasam recipe! Priya, please e-mail me with the details of where to send your prize. I’m so disappointed I couldn’t send you all prizes because I really loved all of your recipes and you’re all winners to me. I’d like to take this opportunity thank you all for entering my first competition with a very simple but handy prize. You are all stars in my eyes.


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