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Kenyan Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers and Dad's Masala Chips

Kenyan Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers and My Pa’s Masala Chips

I’m a veggie burger snob. There, I said it. Nothing compares to a veggie burger packed with a delicious combo of spices, herbs and quality extras. I have a few dozen personal burger laws. For me, there must be pickles, if not, the burger is incomplete. The sauce has to be relish, mustard or something else loaded with flavour. Salsa is fine. No mayo, although sour cream with chives is epic. Cheese is mandatory. Extra cheese is better. Lettuce or baby spinach offer a welcome crunch factor and thinly-sliced onions make the whole thing a dream come true. Another thing I’m absolutely nuts about is a crunchy crust on the outside of the burger patty. Breadcrumbs, crushed nachos, herby semolina, I’ll take anything. But I’ve got something better for you today, my loves; something so stupidly delicious you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Three words; cassava crisp crust. Did you just feel my heart skip a beat? Cassava crisps are a staple snack in our house and the fresh kind cannot be beaten. …

Tamarind Glazed Tofu Sliders (F)

Tamarind-Glazed Tofu Sliders with Kachumbar Slaw

Yes, I’m back. After a week in Mombasa, six weeks of family time and a week of tech issues, I felt it was time I blogged again. I offer you a summer spread of these mini burgers filled with tamarind-glazed grilled tofu, masala potato wedges and spicy Indian slaw (kachumbar). When I was young, my dad would call me from work at 6.30pm to ask me to quickly make his favourite kachumbar before he arrived home in time for one of mum’s gorgeous home-cooked dinners. It was always a pleasure and allowed me to perfect the recipe – one which now has a very special place in my heart. Even though kachumbar means ‘cucumber’ but I often make it without. I often just crave the simplicity of juicy tomatoes, red onions and mixed spices. For this recipe, I’ve added grated carrots, cucumbers and spring onions to create a kachumbar-inspired slaw to offer a delicious crunch to these tofu sliders. Masala wedges are a staple at home and are usually made with either sweet potatoes or …


The KO Rasoi BBQ Season: Matoki (Green Banana) Burgers

Back for more already, huh? During this series, I want to show you that vegetarian barbecues don’t just have to be about veggie sausages and tired-looking veggie burgers. If they were then the barbecue world would be a really, really sad place. Well, for me anyway. Whenever I’m asked to attend barbecues I pray and pray that I won’t be sitting in a corner eating some store-bought meat-free burger. Yawn. To my dismay, unless I bring my own food this is usually the case at such affairs. Is some decent barbecue nosh really too much to ask our carnivorous chums for? Allow me to demonstrate: These burgers are made from green bananas, chickpeas and a load of fresh flavours, and boring they ain’t. No, no, no; the green bananas don’t impart any particularly banana-ish flavour. They have a deliciously rich texture akin to probably the richest, creamiest, firmest sweet potato your taste buds have ever encountered. The taste however, is only slightly sweet and absorbent of any flavours you fancy adding. Why Sanjana, they sound perfect …