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How to Make Cupcakes in a Blender

How to Make Cupcakes in a Blender & More

This month I had my first taste of fame, albeit, a little taste (my hands did all the work). Maybe I’ve got the hands for telly, but a face for radio! Working for Food Network has opened up so many doors for me and my passion for food continues to grow every day. September saw the launch of a brilliant video series for Magimix which I was lucky enough to be able to produce and star in. The ten tutorials show some pretty nifty ways with Magimix’s nifty new food processor, including how to make gorgeous chocolate cupcakes, spicy sweet potato mash, banana sour cream pancakes and more in a food processor. As always, I’d never not share my food adventures with you so here they are. Check them out and let me know what you think of my handy work!   Video: How to Make Cupcakes in a Blender (click pic to watch)   Video: How to Make Pancakes in a Blender (click pic to watch) Video: How to Make Pastry in a Blender …


Eggless Chocolate and Rose Cupcakes

 Eggless Chocolate and Rose Cupcake recipe   I’ll always hold eggless baking close to my heart. The level of science involved in baking, eggless baking in particular, is beyond me.  These eggless Chocolate and Rose Cupcakes were made especially for Food Network UK’s month of cupcakes – the most delicious tribute imaginable.   They’re light, airy and not to sweet. I added a little bit of plain yogurt to keep them moist inside because dry chocolate cupcakes are a big no no in my book. This eggless cupcake recipe has never failed me and the addition of rose syrup gives it that exotic twist I crave so often. You however, can use any flavours to like.   My frosting is chocolate cream cheese and rose cream cheese, swirled together using a piping bag filled with both flavours. It’s super simple and give you a perfectly pretty finish. Get the recipe    >> Get my top tips for eggless baking  So how have you been? The new site is coming along nicely and I’m hoping to …


Eggless Christmas Cupcakes

Temperatures are dropping, frosty sheens are crystallising everything within reach, and the only way to hold on to your marbles is with Eggless Christmas Cupcakes. A reader took the time to email me a couple of months ago with a request for eggless Christmas cake. The ever popular fruit cake around Christmastime is imperative, so why should non-egg eaters miss out on the goodies? The festive flavours of mixed fruits, nuts and spices fill the house with the most comforting seasonal aroma whilst these pretty cupcakes bake. Simply irresistible. I wanted to create a small twist on conventional Christmas cake by making easy to serve cupcakes, but keeping the flavours traditional and reminiscent of the season was also a must. These little bites of Christmas have been iced with marzipan and white icing in the usual fashion. And although they have been loaded with dried fruits, nuts and spices, I’ve purposely kept them light and not too overpowering or dense. If you’re taking pictures at 4pm in the UK, you may as well be taking …


A Delicious Delicious Delicious Guest Post

Today, the wonderful Mr. P from the delicious ‘Delicious Delicious Delicious’ is going to quite literally make you drool.  Thank you P, for this gorgeous EGGLESS chocolate spice cupcake recipe. I am in love with P’s beautiful blog which I am sure you’re all aware of by now. If you’re not, you’re really missing out- I urge you to visit him over at DDD. He’s a baking wizard and literary genius who I’ve grown to simply adore. It is an honour to present him to you as a guest blogger today… You guys are so spoilt rotten! Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes by P of DDD (No, not P. Diddy) This cherry is absolutely necessary. I’m in a bit of a bad way; these cupcakes have made me question everything I thought I knew about baking and cakes. Basically, for me it feels as if the whole world has been turned upside down at the moment. You see, they are eggless. If you don’t bake very much, that might not sound like a big deal, but I …